Thursday, August 28, 2014


I'm really enjoying Rick Remender's work on Captain America, so as soon I knew the Falcon was becoming the new Cap, I thought I could draw an illustration about that. I did it just for the fun of trying some different coloring techniques, although I always end up with kind of the same result.
I also made an animated gif (click to enlarge) showing five steps of the whole process. As you can see here, during the coloring/texturing step I made some changes to the original wings, which I didn't quite like.

There is a fun fact related to this illustration: three of the seven people who saw it before I posted it here, first misread the text as "Captain Africa", and asked me if I had done it on purpose. Which I didn't, by the way. Weird.
[Captain America, created by Joe Simon and Jack Kriby, is a property of Marvel Comics]

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