Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Retelling America's history with vampires. That is, more or less, what I understood Vertigo's new monthly series would be when AMERICAN VAMPIRE came out, and I thought it was an awesome idea. Even before reading the first story-arc of the book (writen by Stephen King) I started wondering which episodes of the history of the United States would look cool with vampires on them... and what about the foundation of Hells Angels in Fontana, California, in 1948? That's how I decided to make this fake comic cover.
I took the model for the main character here from mixing-up the portraits (taken by photographer Caterina Barjau) of two actual members of Hells Angels Barcelona. In fact, when finishing that bearded face, I remembered that Hells Angels guy did a small role (playing himself) in a music video I edited many years ago.
[American Vampire created by Scott Snyder. The Vertigo logo is a property of DC Comics.]