Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This illustration is a mix of hand-drawing and photoshop. I used pencil to render Red Crow's wrinkles to make them look more natural. One of my main problems was where to put the name of the character.
Lincoln Red Crow in one of the most complex and interesting characters in SCALPED, and I can easily say he has become my favorite one of the book.
[Lincoln Red Crow created by Jason Aaron and R.M. Guéra]

Friday, March 5, 2010


This is an all-digital illustration. My first idea was to keep Wolverine's drawing in black and white with a red background, but the character looked too lifeless to me and I ended up coloring it too. I also wanted to give the line of the drawing a rough, wild feeling, which is a style that I keep loving more and more.
Some months ago I showed this Wolverine illustration to a comic editor, who didn't quite like it because found it not to be very Wolverine-ish (oddly enough, it wasn't a Marvel editor). Sometimes I feel kind of tired of all those badass pin-ups where we always see him furious, and that's why I wanted to draw a hieratical Logan. Anyway, I guess that editor was right and that illustration (which I just realized I drew about a year ago) isn't the typical Wolverine we are all used to, so I decided to try a similar pin-up portraying an angrier Logan this time.
The model for this illustration was pal Juan Carlos Fernández.
[Wolverine is a property of Marvel Comics]