Saturday, June 16, 2012


Last weeks I've been doing some boring work in front of the computer, waiting to capture, convert or compress video files before editing them. Sometimes, when I have to waste my time with that kind of stuff, I use it to work on some of the dozen of unfinished illustrations I have in my "to do" folder.
I chose two SCALPED characters this time: Dashiell Bad Horse and Lincoln Red Crow. The two main characters of the book.

I enjoy drawing Dashiell, not only because he's a very charismatic character, but also because you can easily imagine him carrying a gun, and as someone who was a teen when Image Comics and the first Tarantino movies came out, I have so much fun drawing guys with guns.
But if there's a character in SCALPED that beats Dashiell, that has to be Lincoln Red Crow. I have wanted to try another Red Crow close-up (with a different approach and a different technique) since I made this one about two years ago. It is difficult to render the many marks the past has left on his face the way Guéra does, but I like to try.

This summer the 60th and final issue of SCALPED will be out, setting the end of one of the best collections in the history of American comics. Let these illustrations serve as my very humble tribute to the great job Jason Aaron and R. M. Guéra have been doing for the last five years.
[Scalped, Dashiell Bad Horse and Lincoln Red Crow created by Jason Aaron and R. M. Guéra]