Friday, September 17, 2010


I posted some months ago an illustration about NORTHLANDERS, but if you are a fan of vikings you may know that's not the only book out there about the subject. Another one, by Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein is VIKING. I recently discovered it and I'm enjoying it a lot. The only reason why some comic related websites keep comparing it to Brian Wood's book is that there are very few comics about the viking era, but to me it's like comparing Superman and Wolverine just because both characters are superheroes. VIKING has its own style, kind of a Coppola meets Tarantino touch (THE GODFATHER's Coppola, I mean). I have only read a few issues so far but I'm definitely reading the rest of the series.
The base for this illustration was another one of Caterina Barjau's photos. It was done all digitally.
[Viking created by Ivan Brandon. The Image logo is a property of Image Comics]