Thursday, January 28, 2010


I mixed photography and digital drawing here. My challenge was to give the character a colorful touch (that the hawaiian shirt gave me) while keeping a noir feeling on the whole cover, and that's why I only used two colors (black a read are very noir colors for me) on the backgound.
For a long time now I've had in my mind that character who I used to call The Guy From Hawaii. Some days ago I filmed a short with actor Santi Gimeno-BayĆ³n. Looking at how he was dressed, I realized that I had created a character for that short that was unintentionally inspired in The Guy From Hawaii character, so I decided to use him as the model for this illustration.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


This is an all-digital illustration. I love the combination of Jesus' tilted head and sad expression (a typical Catholic depiction of the character) with the pink-red tracksuit. I wanted to incorporate the book's title in the whole image, and decided to use it as a metaphor for Jesus' crown of thorns.
I guess nobody can deny Jesus Christ is one of the most iconic figures in Western popular culture. That's why I find it kind of surprising that there are not many comics out there about the character.
I used a picture of pal Javi Gimeno as the basis for this illustration.
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